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Great Message For All Ages!

ANONYMOUS Reviewed on 01/20/2020

This book was an encouragement to both myself and to my twelve year old daughter!! Filled with accounts of fear, hardships and struggles being overcome with faith, victories and successes (resulting from the power of God working in and through ordinary individuals and circumstances), the story line is relatable to an audience of any age! A glimpse into the life of the main character, Corrie, along with the description her family and friends, will leave any reader reminded to show grace to others and to be a true friend – especially to those in our midst who may need one most. Readers will step away from the story wishing for a sequel!

Words from my daughter (shared with permission): “I thought it was a very good book … the end was especially inspiring. The story was a reminder of how God might be touching people’s hearts, maybe even our own, every day.”

Enjoyable, Quick Read

Kathryn Shoaf Reviewed on 01/22/2020

I loved this book! The heartfelt story follows Corrie as she makes new friends, deals with her fears, and learns to trust God. I enjoyed learning about Corrie’s rare disability (NF). The book is fairly short, so you could easily read it within a few days.